The SUV that redefines Diesel 2021 BMW Alpina XD3 from Germany to Italy

Correct, we have never been huge fans of SUV, nor of Diesel engines. But in the automotive world you always have to leave space for exceptions, and the 2021 BMW Alpina XD3 is definitely one of them.

We are lucky enough to be among the few italian journalists to have had the chance to drive both on road and on track the full model range of Alpina BMWs since 2019, and the B5 Touring is still our all-time favorite Station Wagon today. Their cars embody the true “Escape” philosophy, where elegance meets performance with extremely well refined models that can be used everyday, everywhere, all year long.

During the unveiling of the new Alpina B3 in 2020, which we already knew was absolutely fantastic, our biggest surprise was to find out how fun a diesel engine could be. I still remember today the feeling of pushing the 355hp D3 S along the corners of Bilster Berg race track right behind the B3 GT3.

Year after year, the Alpina range has expanded, including not only the 3 Series and 5 Series, but also SUVs such as the XD3, XD4 and XB7. Presented in August 2021, the BMW Alpina XD3 is the perfect everyday car that combines extreme comfort and impressively dynamic handling, in typical Alpina tradition.

With its 3 liter inline six diesel engine with four turbochargers, the Alpina XD3 is currently among the quickest accelerating diesel SUVs on the planet, hitting 100 km/h from a standstill in just 4.6 seconds. With the last update of 2021, its peak output reached 389 horsepower and 800 nm of torque. This translates into outstanding power even in everyday driving situations, at low engine speeds. Despite this diesel engine’s high power output, it is highly efficient,  low fuel consumption means long driving ranges.

Driving it from Buchloe to Italy and back, we had the chance to test it in different environments, from the city traffic of Munich, to the fast autobahn and the twisty roads of the Austrian Alps. The adaptive suspension system adjusts to driving conditions, ensuring a smooth ride on highways and responsive handling on mountain roads. The great and pleasing stability in high speed corners, mixed with the immense torque make the XD3 the executive’s all rounder.

With a luxurious interior on the inside and the brand’s signature design elements on the outside, it boasts great qualities, great character and a wonderful styling.

The BMW Alpina XD3 successfully challenges preconceived notions about SUVs and diesel engines by delivering exceptional performance combined with great fuel efficiency.

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