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The “Best” Impreza 2022 Best Impreza Limited Edition

The Best Impreza McRae Edition project comes from afar. From the passion of a Piemontese D.O.C. named Carlo Boroli with the “Fever of Rallying”. Carlo owns some formerly driven by Colin McRae Imprezas and comes with a lot of experience in rally. 

Together with the rest of the ISSIMI Team, we drive to a special and secret testing area in a remote location around the shores of Lake Maggiore. When we arrive we find Carlo smiling with Fabrizia Pons, the former Group B rally co-driver,  best known for her partnership with Michèle Mouton. They’re testing, in this secret rally stage in the hills, the car Carlo has been building for the last 3 years. The Best Impreza McRae Edition is a “continuation car”, that is, a car identical in every detail to that of the time, if we exclude the improvements allowed by current technology, which must not, however, distort its essence; all in compliance with the FIA ​​regulations of Group A.  The Best Impreza is, basically, a car Colin McRae would have built at the time with the technology of this time. Fast? of course. Beautiful? Indubitably. Scary? 100%. We jump in for a quick ride with Carlo Boroli behind the wheel, and my god. This car is extremely fast. But what is the Best Impreza?

As the name suggests, it’s the best possible Impreza you can buy. It became the meeting point between two legends: that of the McRae family and that of the Impreza Group A itself, which fans never forgot. The family of the Scottish champion is very much into the project and works together with Carlo to deliver an amazing car. “This project we are part of is truly wonderful,” confesses Hollie McRae, daughter of Colin. “Over the past few months, working with the Best Impreza team, I can feel a part of my father’s story coming back to life. It’s such a special story for our family, so special for the sport and for Scotland too. I can’t wait for it to be appreciated by many others ».

The Best Impreza McRae Edition will be produced in just eight units, and the reason is soon explained: the first seven recall Colin’s victories in the World Rally Championship at the wheel of the official Impreza, while the eighth celebrates the World Championship won by the ace. Scottish in 1995. The car was built by technicians from Best Engineering of Verbania, who studied some original specimens, consulted extensive documentation and spoke to the people who worked on the car at the time. Among them, also Piero Liatti, the former Subaru factory driver and winner of the 1997 Monte Carlo Rally, who tried his hand at testing and final tuning the Best Impreza. Here are his feelings: «Ease of driving and cornering speed are the specifications that most characterize the car. The engine, in its delivery, and the precision of the steering, make the “modern Impreza” extremely performing, while maintaining all the charm of “my” old Subaru ».

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