Vintage Vice 2021 Ferrari Testarossa by "Officine Fioravanti"

Is this the restomod we all secretly knew we wanted or not? The icon of the 80ies and of 2 generations, the arch-rival poster car of the Countach, the symbol of the flamboyance and rampant optimism of a decade has been subjected to a makeover from the one and only Leonardo Fioravanti.

The creator of one of the most iconic Ferraris of all times now has had his own take in designing a Testarossa for the 21st Century. The insatiable search for the analogical pleasure that only a vintage machine can give and the need to have a usable and interesting supercar for new generations of drivers led to this. Officine Fioravanti turned an already cool car into a present-day icon. As they say, “the present in the Testarossa and not the Testarossa in the present” equals a very interesting new-old classic. 

Without destroying the nature of this immortal Ferrari, the engineering team reworked the suspension by using custom-made electrically operated Ohlins shocks and a front lift, ensuring a new ride and road-ergonomics. Adjustable 6 position sway bars and the use of new Michelin and Pirelli tires enhance the road-going capability of this modern icon. The new 17” wheels out front and 18” at the back are a welcome and clear departure from the previous and not-so-aesthetically pleasing high-shoulder wheels. The Brembo braking system, which is comprehensive of a multi-map ABS system ensures modern performance and safety. All these systems can be tailored directly from the cockpit, giving the Testarossa a modern adaptability which is hard to beat. Indeed, in the age of resto-mods, Officine Fioravanti has upped the game with a supercar which is hard to beat. For your daily-dose of 1980ies Miami Vice vibes, this modern gem is definitely going to treat anyone who will drive it.

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