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Big Brawlers BMW X5M & X6M Competition

The X5 and X6M’s are perhaps the most competitive SUV’s you can find today. Competing against the GLC and Aston Martin DBX, these are among the finest vehicles of their kind currently on sale. 

The driver’s focused image that the M Division is able to convey to any car it makes definitely gives these couple an allure of pure “driver’s SUV’s” before you even begin to open the door to sit inside. Sure enough they would be good companions to the M2/M3 owner as the perfect family car: these are truly among the most driver focused SUV’s you can find today. In many ways, they both offer the best of the comfort and the best of the full-on driving dynamics that you wouldn’t normally expect from a big SUV. In many ways, they offer really the best of two worlds: from the remarkable plush-but-firm ride when driving in Comfort mode to the surgeon-like precision between the twisties, these M’s offer perhaps one of the most driver-attractive compromises you can find here.

Perhaps the most die-hard fans will scream out that these are jacked-up racing cars and the rare Competition variant definitely seems like an angry family SUV: 625 hp, 750 Nm of torque, MxDrive differential and blacked-out details. Also…both the X5 and X6M Competition are limited only to 250 examples each making these fairly rare to see on the road as well. If you’ve been following Escape on Wheels for some time, you should know that the Maniva Pass is one of our favourite roads for testing as it offers many driving scenarios, including some off-roading. The X5 and X6 M are no offroaders and we just limited ourselves to driving the cars onto the magnificent tarmac roads there. 

Starting from Brescia, you take the fast two lane road that heads up north towards the Val Trompia: this is where the on-board silence and the refinement of the X5 and X6M come to fruition. With an ample view out and the rich interior, there’s a clear sensation of supreme luxury that permeates the whole car: like a fine concierge, power is always present and it makes itself heard only when required.  Soon after Gardone Val Trompia, the road becomes twisty and you pass through smaller towns. It’s here that the great dynamic qualities appear, offering you maximum results for each input you give to the car. The immense torque limits the use of gear changes and you can easily have a strong acceleration from 1300 rpm in third. There is not any roll and the response is immediate, while the traction is truly optimized with plenty of grip when powering yourself out of the corners.

What’s more… the X5 and X6 M are fun! The X6M does feel a little more driver’s focused than the X5 and it does feel a little lighter as well: yet the substance is the same and it offers the great compromise between comfort and driving dynamics that we love so much about these cars. 

Exclusivity, united with the remarkable signature style of the M Division, truly put these two vehicles at the top of the range in their market segment. Truly, this duo makes power concrete and always hard felt, like proper brawlers.

In collaboration with Nanni Nember BMW

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