Oldtimer Studio – Romania

Say Romania and the automotive world will immediately think of Dacia and James May praising the Sandero as one of the most exciting cars ever made. Years of dictatorship and communist rule made Romania a very Trabant friendly country, definitely not the place where you could own something cool and exotic.

But let’s stop for a second and forget about the great articles and videos on the Transfargasan Highway, and let’s ask ourselves: are Romanians truly estranged from the love of cars? Have years of Communist rule erased completely any sort of trace of car culture? One of the earliest supporters and friends of Escape on Wheels is a friendly Romanian chap who goes by the name Dan Dinulescu and a proper car nut. He’s also the guy who pointed out about the Oldtimer Studio in Moara Vlasiei, the sort of place which will make you forget about Dacia (or any sort of bad cars) in a heartbeat.

First, it is a place that offers all the services for collector’s from consulting to transportation to full restoration and it is filled with some great metal: Montreals, XK120’s, 356’s, Mustangs, E types Jags and even Gr.A Fiat 124’s and all the cream of classic car collecting.

Oldtimer studio started around 18 years ago to save and serve Romanian enthusiasts, but it has rapidly expanded into a large and international business, with a large customer base.

As you can see for yourself, these cars are indeed in the hands of experts and more importantly, enthusiasts. The Oldtimer Studio is no different than any other great places we know and love in Europe and in the West: it is just as great and will sure be a must-go stop during our next trip to Romania.


Many thanks to the guys at OldTimer Studio for showing us around

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