M Force M5, M4 Clubsport and M2 in a Military Airport

I believe in speed and pooweeeeeer!”. Quoting Jeremy Clarkson’s own declaration of faith is more than enough to describe the experience of driving the M2, M4 and M5 on a unique track set up by M Division specialists at a unique event at the Ghedi Military airbase.

How often you get to drive on the grounds of one of the most important airbases in Italy, flatout with Tornadoes parked close to you? Pushing the M’s through the long straights and quick chicanes It felt like a riot and, I dare to say it, better than a typical track day.

The M5 felt like the fastest and most agile tank in the world with its impressive acceleration. Kid you not, the temptation of racing a Tornado taking off was tremendous…

Although the tarmac wasn’t the best as it was set up in a unused part of the base, the M5’s M XDrive system made you feel you were on racing slicks on a perfectly smooth pavement.

With the M2 and the almighty M4 CS the track became more challenging but a joy, as they were both providing the classic BMW’s oversteering fun that everyone expects from a proper M. Slicing through the corner and getting little oversteer is what sports driving is all about and this pair just does that brilliantly.

With the roar of the Tornados taking off at the distance, this was a memorable way to experience the proper power and the unique soul of cutting edge M cars.

We thank BMW Nanni Nember Srl for this unique opportunity.

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