Audi R8 Plus First Contact

“Have actually the Germans turned a little bit on the Italian side? Have they? Or is my mind who’s play tricks on me?” This question rings in my head as the high pitched, 9000 rpm scream of the 5.2 liter V10 of the brand-new Audi R8 Plus, fills the cabin with a lovely yet brutal noise. The first impression driving this supercar is that this German car has become a rampaging pureblood stallion, not too dissimilar from those who came from Modena.
Is Audi making a strong effort tricking my eyes into believing that the four rings actually resemble Lamborghini’s Bull?
The new R8 is entirely different from its predecessor: it feels sharp, nimble and its four wheel drive works incredibly well with the new powertrain. The major surprise is that the car feels more rear wheel driven than AWD: while retaining the same amount of traction on the harsh conditions in which we tested it, it is playful and fun to drive.
There’s an abundance of power and the engine pulls strongly from the bottom to the astounding 9000 rpm redline, with a sound that will make you want to drive it more and more.
Steering is lightning-quick precise and the ride is perfectly damped in comfort mode, while in dynamic it stiffens up the suspension. The customizable “individual” setting allows you to set the car suspension and engine map to your liking: it’s great to drive on bumpy b roads with the suspension set in comfort and the engine set for maximum attack.
With the MMI system on the dash, there are plenty of toys to play with but given the short time I had (this is a first contact test) I just focused on the driving experience.
Of course, the R8 V10 Plus leaves every enthusiast with a lust to experience more of its incredible and ultra-sharp capabilities and we are not shy to say that it could be a great Escape car.

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