7 Mila Miglia Lontano Return to the Centre From Italy to India

If you like cars and driving and you’re about to make a long journey you are always contemplating to take the long way round. Motoring from point A to point B the good old fashon way, travelling from country to country and living whatever adventure the fate has reserved you.
Proper escapism is a form of obsession which will suit very well those who are not the faint of heart. On any day in your life you could just book a flight and go and explore India: in our vision, take a Jeep, find a good cause and go.
The 7 Mila Miglia Lontano project is the most perfect excuse for travelling all the way from Italy to India and even a better excuse to help build an art school in the South of India. With teams travelling with motorcycles, cars, by foot and on public transport this project could be one of the greatest assembling of escapists in 2017.
Thanks to our Sponsor Top Marques and Moresco Srl, the car left the Mille Miglia city, Brescia, on the 26th of April to reach Kannur, in the amazing Kerala region, in South of India on the 17th of July. More than 26.000 kilometers across 17 countries, including several mountain passes on the Himalaya over 5.000 meters above the sea level.
Looking at people and places creatively throughout the entire journey, this project found Escape on Wheels tackling roads and wild places from Uzbekistan, Tagikistan, Pakistan and India in a bullet proof (you never know what kind of environment you’ll end up in) Mitsubishi Pajero. With his strong 3.2 liter engine and more than 8 thousand kilometers on off road trails, the car turned out to be absolutely reliable and comfortable.
Almost 27.000 kms and countless smiles, even through the hardships, the dirt and the dangers: this is a life worth living. We live for cars and they’re our world: it’s true what they say, passion will get you far and will always make you do important discoveries.

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