EXXtreme Ferrarism In Miami with Ferrari Corse Clienti

If driving is freedom, racing must be paradise. If Ferrari is the zenith for road car performance, imagine how their racing cars could be like.
When driving paradise is not enough, there it comes the Corse Clienti program, which includes both the F1 and XX’s. Only the best customers are allowed to buy the precious XX and F1’s: having the readies is simply not enough. Reputation for being enthusiasts collectors of the Brand is what gets you the privilege of owning such fine machines.
Just like clubs that carefully selects the people who join their ranks, the XX program is only dedicated to the best and most passionate customers of Ferrari, those worthy of the name “Clienti Collaudatori” “Customer Test Drivers”. During the various track session through the year, Ferrari is giving the owners a special opportunity to work actively in gathering performance data, that will be used in the development of future models.
What’s more, Ferrari is selling its ex Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 to private customers: it’s a chilhood dream made possible, to have the ultimate Ferraris and run them on track days. It’s the most special feeling to see real life heroes like the F2004 and 150° Italia tearing the track and shaking the ground as they pass.
The XX cars of Ferrari are prototypes based partially on existing road going cars and are not suitable for homologation in any championship: all these cars are developed in complete freedom and they have no restrictions whatsoever. The first of these cars to appear was the FXX, a mid-engined V12 berlinetta based on the Enzo, yet completely different in its technical and aerodynamical solutions. From 2006 onwards, the XX program has been the most remarkable playground for selected Ferrari owners worldwide. Each new model is produced in no more than 30 units and can be upgraded with a dedicated “Evo” package, a performance enhancing package which reduces the weight, boost engine output and improves the aerodynamics.
Each car is looked after the Factory, in order to ensure that it is always in excellent working condition: never be angry at Ferrari for taking away your supercar after your time at the track.
The sound they make is better than sex itself. No restrictors or hot catalyzers are used, and each car has a properly loud and free flowing exhaust. In NASCAR oval tracks such as Homestead in Florida, the sound reverberates all around, creating a poliphony of wild horses.
Riding in one is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an intoxicating experience. For the average person, it could be a torture but for the enthusiast doesn’t get any better than that. The XX will literally cook your feet, dehidrate your body and trap you into a carbon-fiber oven. As with every race car, you can barely move as the 5 point racing harness glues your bottom to your seat even before the car starts accelerating. It’s difficult to breathe the hot air through the helmet and difficult to widthsand the sensational G forces. Physical preparation is everything: people can moan all they want that car racing is not a sport, but they will never understand what kind of exercise it is only to survive laps as a passenger.
The gearshift shoots each gear into place with such intensity that you feel the whole car vibrate and shake. Acceleration, deceleration, and cornering put a lot of strain on your neck muscles: after a few hours, they hurt just as bad as your face for the constant smiling.
In truth, none of these things matters. None. Racing is important and going faster than anyone else is what pushes you forward to drive and improve, lap after lap. The 599 XX is Ferrari at its finest, the best of its kind and the most beautiful indeed.
The XX’s are the ultimate Ferrari closed wheel cars.

Many thanks to G.B. & F.S.

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