Sunshine Yellow 2023 Maserati Cielo

Designed alongside the coupe since the very beginning, the Maserati MC20 Cielo it’s the open-top version of the already very successful mid-engined supercar made in Modena. 

Built on the same carbon fiber chassis (developed by Dallara) of the coupe, the Cielo features some structural improvements that stiffens key elements around the windscreen base. The final result is an impressively low variation in weight compared to the coupe, with only 65kg more, despite incorporating an automated folding roof system.

The all new electrochromic glass with polymer-dispersed liquid crystal permits, through the touch of a button, to instantly switch between clear to near-opaque, isolating the passenger compartment from the sun rays. Then, when the weather and the scenery are favorable, in only 12 seconds, you can finally open the cabin to the elements while also the exterior aesthetics change completely.

Maserati hasn’t made many updates to the widely appreciated Nettuno 3 Litre V6 engine. With its prechamber combustion technology and developing 621hp, the power is sent to the rear wheels via a dual-clutch eight speed transmission. There are still Wet, GT, Sport and Corsa mode plus a separate damper button to increase or decrease the rate of damping. Having worked very hard on keeping the weight increase to a minimum, Maserati promises almost identical performances and driving pleasure compared to the coupe.

While the launch edition of the Cielo was painted in the Acquamarina Metallic paint, we got to experience our test on an awesome “Giallo Genio” yellow that perfectly suits the roads of the French Riviera on a sunny November day.

This beautiful finishing makes the Yellow Cielo even more eye-catching, leaving the people on the streets of Monaco amazed and surprised by its true-supercars look. In GT mode, even through town traffic, the car felt calm and compliant, with a very relaxed throttle mapping and an even softer base setting compared to the coupe. We quickly escape the city crowd and approach the coastal road through Cap d’Ail, opening the top and enjoying the Nettuno’s sounds. But it’s only when we turn again for the Moyenne Corniche that we can really appreciate the Cielo’s character. 

The Sport mode adds steering weight, sharper throttle response, and also gear changes are much quicker. Then, Corsa mode is not only the loudest one, switching the active exhaust, but also the most fun, with lenient traction and stability control making the whole driving experience even more playful and engaging.

Along the tiny roads of the french alps, the Maserati Cielo feels extremely quick, and the open top lets you enjoy the sounds of the Nettuno V6, bouncing off the rocks.

If back in the days buying a convertible version of a high-performance car meant accepting significant compromises in return for the breezier thrills of driving without a roof, nowadays this difference has become less and less perceptible. With the Cielo, Maserati makes no exception, with an extremely charismatic car that keeps the excellent dynamics of the Coupe. If the MC20, at its debut, marked the return of the brand to its glory, the Cielo represents a further step in the right direction.

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